THE INTEGRAL CINEMA PROJECT is a Research, Production, and Educational Initiative Exploring the Application of Integral Theory for Cinematic Media Theory and Practice.


The mission and purpose of the Integral Cinema Project is to develop and test a comprehensive model for Integral cinematic media theory, development, production, and distribution through the creation of a series of short cinematic experiments, and a full-length integrally-informed transmedia project with content delivered across feature, TV, web, mobile, and interactive platforms. This research endeavor will be documented in a digital video documentary, and the results disseminated through various publications, media, and educational workshops.


The potential benefits for a comprehensive application of Integral Theory to cinematic media theory and practice include:

  • The creation of more powerful and effective cinematic realities that could potentially induce transformative states of consciousness and help catalyze shifts in stages of human development and the evolution of consciousness;
  • The fostering of a greater understanding of the cinematic medium itself;
  • The capacity to establish more creatively fulfilling, healthy, efficient, and cost-effective production workflows;
  • An increased ability to target and reach desired audiences;
  • And an enhanced aptitude for comprehending and navigating the rapidly evolving and convergent cinematic media environment. 


(The Integral Cinema Project is) the first mature application of Integral Theory to any domain of art.
 – Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Founding Director of the Integral Research Center

(This) passionate quest to explore the further reaches of film theory and practice is inspiring and holds great promise.
– Jean Picker Firstenberg, President Emeritus, The American Film Institute